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Special Services—Critical Help You May Need

Buy/Sell Agreements & Calculations

You may have the opportunity to buy into an existing business, or conversely, to be bought out when it’s time for you to retire.Your business should have a buy in/buy out agreement. We can help with utilizing this agreement and help in writing or re-writing one. This is a multi-faceted thought process that we have gone through many times, and no deal is the same as another. When it‘s time for the calculations to be made, we can be there with you and for you.

Formation of New Businesses

If you are planning to add a business to your existing business or businesses, or if you are starting a business for the first time, there are business and tax considerations to be weighed. How will this business effect your other businesses? What affect will it have on your individual return? Do you plan on having other owners now or in the future? What is the exit strategy that will best serve you in the future? These and other questions need to be thought of now, not after the entity has been formed.


If you are going through a divorce, there are special considerations to be made involving property settlements, alimony, and filing tax returns that need careful thought. We have worked with divorce attorneys and clients to provide facts which help with these decisions. Property settlements can have different tax results, and you would want to compare those to know what will happen to you.

Employee v Independent Contractor

This area of the law is quickly changing. If you are an employer, you will want to know what your obligation is and how it is being looked at by government agencies. Your circumstances need to be examined, and your decision needs to be made based on the facts. We can help you look at all of these and to make the right decision.

Internal Revenue Services Audits/Appeals

None of us want to receive a letter telling us we are being audited. Some of these are randomly chosen. If you get a letter, call us immediately. HMC has experience handling audits of individuals, businesses, and estates. We know how to organize your information, how to discuss matters with the agent, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our clients do not meet with the agents but have us take care of this for them. This professional delivery of documents and information allows the fastest resolution.

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